Attractions in the area

City of Sanok, a place where necessarily you have to stop to go to the charming streets and sit on the bench next to Švejk for Sanok.

Sanok offers many interesting places and worth seeing places, among others:

-the largest Ethnographic open-air museum in Poland,

-one of the largest in Europe, the medieval castle,

-Image Gallery of Zdzislaw Beksiński.

-Near Sanok, visit:

-The River San

-The oldest Orthodox Church in Poland in Uluczu

-Ruins of a castle at the top of the "Sobień"

Top Kicker-536m above sea level.

Słonne mountains range "Eagle Rock"-546 m above sea level.

-"Słonny"-668 m above sea level.

-Horse riding in Lalinie

-Museum in Strachocinie

-Two of the hillfort at Trepczy (Pipe and Horoda) and graveyard kurhowe

-Tor to pump track in Trepczy