Exploring the municipality of Sanok is waiting for us a lot of interesting monuments and historical places. In addition to religious architecture, "trail of icons" you can see the impressive Park and Manor teams in: Jurowce, Załużu, Pisarowcach, Markowcach.

The shelters. "Molotov Line in Załużu
The military history lovers will certainly not be disappointed, because waiting for full yet secret shelters. "Molotov Line in Załużu. It is the Create-because of its strategic position at the junction of the main road routes and being the first station of the Soviet side, was the site of the location of the point of resistance. It consisted of 17 shelters, that are part of the so-called. "Molotov Line." Shelters in most blown up, but some of them are still in a fairly good state of preservation, and one of them (the dow. KPT. Rikadze) is from 1969, a monument and Tomb of blown out there.
Slovak soldiers cemetery in Załużu
In Załużu there is also a cemetery of Slovak soldiers killed in 1941, fighting with Soviet troops.

MRZYGLÓD, that is, a village other than all
Getting to architectural gems San Valley, be sure to visit the picturesque town, Mrzygłód, where time has stood still. Mrzygłód is famous for its team, which captures in miniature the layout of the medieval city.
Monuments Of The Mrzygłodu:
Orthodox Church of Dormition of the Theotokos from 1901.
Historic architectural layout of the market houses along the frontage of the market built after a fire in 1893.
Forge market, House No 12, built at the end of the nineteenth century. Design is connected with the building.
The water mill is located in przysiółku Juhnie. Built about 1900. Design is connected with the building. Functioned until 1950.
The chapel of brick, potynkowane, from the nineteenth century.
The old cemetery is located on the North.  Zach. from the market. Preserved 19th stonework.
Władysław II Jagiełło monument erected in 1910, on the market, was destroyed by the Germans in 1942. In 1960 the statue restored. In 2010 the statue was reconstructed.