! of turystyczne_strona_08_obraz_0003Historic Museum in Sanok
UL. The Castle 2
38-500 Sanok
Tel/fax: 13 46 306 09

The Museum Of Folk Architecture
UL. Traugutta 3
38-500 Sanok
Tel. 13 46 30 904, 13 46 30 934
Tel/fax: 13 46 35 381

! of turystyczne_strona_08_obraz_0004Ethnographic Park:
UL. Rybicki, 3
38-500 Sanok
Tel. 13 49 30 177
Tel. 13 46 31 672

BWA Gallery, Sanok. The Practice Of Art Education
UL. Market 14
38-500 Sanok
Tel/fax: 13 46 36 030

Bazaar art, Gallery of Things and Various Events
UL. 2 Highland rifle regiment 1
38-500 Sanok
Tel. 503 374 929


Museum Of Icons
A collection of icons of the Carpathian (starting from the 15th century), one of the largest in the country. 270 icons with ok. 700 owned by the historic Museum in Sanok, ul. Castle 2, is issued in 10 areas of the Castle. In addition to the icons are presented also banners cerkiewne and liturgical equipment (a total of more than 120 exhibits).

Painting Zdzisław Beksiński
The largest collection of the work of Zdzisław Beksiński, born in Sanok, descendant of the old people. The work presented by the historical Museum in the halls of the Castle. Roadhouse and form the whole of the acquis of the painter, consisting of images from the years 1950-2000, and computer graphics.

Portrait painting-17th-19th century.
Permanent exposition of historical museum presenting the painting portrait from the 17TH to the 19th century. Portraits of personalities by origin, held positions as a public servant, dignity and family ties associated with the Earth Sanocką.

Ceramics pokucka
The biggest Polish collection of precious ceramics pokuckiej (360 exhibits). This unique półmajolika from the Eastern Carpathians wyrabiana by the population of Pokucie (Hucul horses) given to the Museum by Aleksander Rybicki.

Archeological and historical
Exhibition of archaeological and historical artifacts related to the history of Sanok and Wisłok. Historical Museum.