Gmina Sanok is a breath-taking landscapes. This place, where, despite of the 21st century, we can still find quiet corners, so far from widespread commercialism. Natural wonders, wild and uncontaminated by civilization places that guarantee peace of mind are asset of the municipality of Sanok. Walking through the Valley of the San we have a chance to breathe the fresh air, and at the foot of the słonne mountains feel the wind in your hair.

On the southern slopes of the Słonne mountains, in the village of Bykowce is a nature reserve "Clearing", created in 1996. with an area of 191.94 ha. You can meet very many species of butterflies, snails, amphibians, and birds occurs eagle owl, lesser spotted eagle, Black Stork, the long-eared owl, owl, Barn Owl, sparrowhawk. Among the rich fauna reserve worth mentioning even English Ivy, neottia nidus-Avis, whether spotted orchid.

_MG_0975_6_7aSłonne Mountains Landscape Park North "Gate Of The Bieszczady Mountains"
Słonne Mountains landscape park was created in 1992. Now includes an area of 56 032 ha. Offers in the municipalities of: Sanok, Tyrawa Wołoska, Lesko, Olszanica and Ustrzyki Dolne. It includes two mountain ranges, and the North Chwaniów Mountains fragments Słonne Sanocko-Turczańskie mountains passing in Przemyśl. The highest peak of the Park is Słonny 668 m. above sea level. Long, parallel ridges interspersed with numerous valleys, rivers and creeks. The peculiarity of the Park are numerous salt sources and petroleum deposits.
The greater part of the area of the Park (73%), bear deciduous forests, which is a refuge for many animals, such as deer, wild boar, bear, Wolf or Lynx. You can meet here the birds such as the Golden Eagle, white-tailed eagle, lesser spotted eagle and Eagle, eagle owl, Hawk, Ural owl, the honey buzzard. In river valleys can be found very rare black stork or endangered derkacza.
Słonne mountains hills abound in the rich flora, with about 900 species of vascular plants, including 30 species of rare and protected, 68 mountain plant species (including 5 subalpejskich and 45 reglowych), 79 species of grasslands, as well as numerous plant position typical wschodniokarpackich.
On the territory of the Słonne mountains Park is several nature reserves:
Fundamentals in the Wańkowej natural communities, personality Arboretums
Chwaniów natural assemblage of the Carpathian beech forest,
Tisza in Serednicy the natural position of the cisa,
Dyrbek a multistory mixed,
Top Sobień grąd lipowo-griseum, Carpathian, the ruins of the Castle,
On the Trzciańcem natural assemblage of the Carpathian beech forest,
On the Opalonym natural assemblage of the Carpathian beech forest,
On Oratyku transient form of Carpathian beech forest,
Clearing the natural assemblage of the Carpathian beech forest.
_MG_0290The Park also was mapped out several routes and educational paths. The territory of the Park is rich in natural wealth, but also historical and cultural. Wandering through the local villages you will come across wooden churches and old chapels and cemeteries. Lovers of military interest certainly network spread all along the Sanu bunkers and fortifications, belonging to the running here once the Molotov Line.
Słonne Mountains landscape Park trails traverse can be in a variety of ways, both on foot and on horseback or by bike. The thirsty stronger impressions, waiting designated routes to drive a Jeep or quad bike. The low mountains are also a perfect place for paragliding. Wandering through the Słonne we reach many vantage points from which to admire beautiful panoramas, Beskid Mountains we Low, mountains Sanocko-Turczańskie mountains or Foothills.
At the mountains Administratively allow tourists to get to know the richness of nature, history and culture, and above all-well relax in nature away from civilization.

"Eagle Rock"
! of turystyczne_strona_05_obraz_0009Eagle stone (518 m above sea level) is located on one of the hills of the Słonne mountains, in a forest in the forestry Liszna, Sanok district, Olchowce. Is a rock outcrop of rock built of flysch rock, mostly sandstone for Krosno s.a, and chalk. Sculpted in the form of a wall (length 45 m and 3 m in width), towers (length 6 m, height 5 m, width 2 m) perches rock (length 7.5 m, height 1.5 m). To they get yellow trail liaison (5 km long, ok, 1.5 h) from Sanok (the beginning of the railway route) by Olchowce.