Local rękodzielnicy

In our municipality we local artists who create amazing works of art. In our rękodzielnikach continues the spirit of tradition and love for competition, which many have already forgotten.

Alice Stodolak
From 5 April 2008. lead your own gallery of art "on the trail of icons". Since childhood takes care of painting oil paintings on canvas and the performance of the icons.  Is self-taught, the secrets of painting oil paintings, icons, she met with the books and the Internet. The Gallery is connected to the Studio in which the prepared boards on the icons, the canvas. To paint oil paintings using flax oil paints, canvases, turpentine, and the process of writing of icons is quite different. Icons on the boards, old shingles, stones, which gathers with old houses, buildings or renovated churches trail. Alice's icons are characteristic, she created her own style. Images and icons is exhibiting in their own gallery and Sanok Museum of folk architecture, in the synagogue in Lesko, Solina galleries and Lutowiska. Also takes part in shows, flea markets, fairs and Markets.

Mrs. Alice Stodolak workshops writing icons on the occupational therapy Workshops in Sanok. All his knowledge and experience passes your daughters: Elizabeth and Agnieszka. About you says: I always wanted to, my life was associated with the art. First, I treated it as a hobby, and later found out the source of my income. I can't imagine I'd be able to do something else. I love your work and I'm glad that I was able to combine business with pleasure.
A real hobby Ms. Ali is breeding beautiful cat breed Main Coon. These wonderful creatures, gentle giants are the extraordinary climate of the gallery.
Is a member of the Association of the creators of the Trail "Synagogue" in Lesko.

Jan Kikta

Performs the sculptures, carvings, photographs, writes lyrics.  His favorite motif is nature. Most performs sculptures birds, busts, hunting scenes, portraits. Mr. Kikta is self-taught, sculpture since the age of six.

The workshop has at home, uses cyrkularki, grinding machines, jig saw, cut, chisels, hammers, axes, chain saw.
The work of Mr. John is a traditional sculpture, Bas-relief or items.

Teresa Podolak, along with daughters

Specialize in paper products, perform well spiders, Easter eggs, and fun Christmas ornaments, in addition, deal with the performance of wreaths dożynkowych and products of lace and straw.





Ewa Wanielista

The main specialization of the Lady Eve are flowers and other small masterpieces made of tissue paper.






Marzena Orlikiewicz

Performs any kind of crepe flowers and wreaths dożynkowe.
Difficult to also cross-stitched embroidery.






Tadeusz Farmer
Leads the farm agro-pasieczno-ecological Rol-Apis, which deals with the cultivation of cereals and producing healthy food. Specializes in products spelt: pastries, organic flour and grain. Also produces honey.






Janina Menio
It deals with embroidery and bibułkarstwem: Christmas ornaments, mouse pads on the wall calendars and all kinds of flowers.

Also performs a beautiful greeting cards decorated with embroidery, dried flowers and pasmanteryjnymi.