Information about the municipality of Sanok


info-at-ground-sanokThe communication system of the municipality of Sanok includes four types of roads: national, provincial, district and municipal authorities. The most important of them converge in Sanok, which is the main local hub. Of fundamental importance for the local road system and for the future development of the region has national road No. 28 (Sanok – Przemyśl) and the provincial road # 886 (Domaradz-Rymanów-Sanok). The total length of roads district at the discretion of the Board of Directors of roads of district in the municipality of Sanok is 91.9 km, and of municipal (at the discretion of the UG) 42 km, including 12.69 km asphalt surface and subsequent 3.33 Pebble surface.


Power network in the municipality of Sanok is well established. The entire municipality is electrified. Gmina Sanok has gas network covering about 90% of its holdings. Currently zgazyfikowanych is 29 villages, other areas are in the process of gasification.
We pride ourselves on the fact that in the village of Strachocina there is an underground natural gas storage with a capacity of 330 million m3.


Gmina Sanok belongs to the agro-industrial areas, farms are fragmented, as well as throughout the province. Most are below 1-2 ha-38,74% and households to 1 ha is 22,33%. More than 10 ha is 46 holdings which represents 1.09%. In most of the farm production is still versatile and unspecialized nature, and its structure does not deviate too much from the average scale of.


Most operators work in the territory of the town of Sanok. Dominated by the forest management and related industry. Gmina Sanok belongs to the most active economic areas of the District 10, which in large part is related to the immediate neighbourhood of the city of Sanok. Main sectors of the economy in the municipality of Sanok:

  • Agriculture,
  • wood industry,
  • transport services.

The largest companies located in the municipality of Sanok are associated mainly with wood industry and transport services.
You can include, among others:
"Techno-Drew". z o.o. -kitchen chairs, conference chairs, Office chairs, armchairs-Stróże Wielkie 8.
Wood production plant "EXTRANS" – production of parquet, flooring, shingles, decorative rollers, profiled strips and other wooden elements-Trepcza;
"Transprzęt" PHU-transport services, agricultural, construction – Zabłotce, Jarosław County
and other larger companies, as: petrol station in Pakoszówce, PGNiG.