Regional food

You have the urge to try the delicious flavors the subcarpathian?
How about a sweet dough, fresh crusty bread, or wonderful sour soup? In the municipality of Sanok, you will have many opportunities to see how delicious our tastes. And it's all thanks to the ladies with the Rural Housewives ' Circles, where it takes the spirit of tradition and love for cooking and home sharing food with others.
The original dishes and recipes is a colorful folklore, that captivates its truthfulness.
We share with you our best. Bon appétit!

Health tincture

Distil wine grapes.

Keep the distillate in a safe place away from. How to wyrezonuje a specified tincture.
Pour 3 litres of alcohol 45%-50% of the pot the enamelled copper wire 8 litre.
Then add:
-20 grains allspice,
20 whole black peppercorns,
-15 cloves,
-6 leaves of Laurel,
-2 nutmegs,
-stick cinnamon,
-a single bag of vanilla sugar,
-a teaspoon of ginger,
-Caramel (burned sugar in the pot mixed with ¼ water) to zakolorowania.

All the components of the heat from the 500 c to 600 c. To ostudzonego alcohol pour 1/2 l of honey dissolved in ¾ l of warm water. Mix. Set aside under the lid for a week's time to maceration. After a week, strain through cheesecloth. Pour into the Pan and set aside for clarification on the week. Then pour into bottles stored in a shady and cool place.
Drink a glass every morning before breakfast.
Health guaranteed for 120 years.

Soup of dried fodder


-5 l. water
-5 handfuls of dried apples
-2 handfuls of dried pears
-2 handfuls of dried plums
-sugar to taste.

Enamelled pot pour the dried fruit. Boil the water with the sugar. Boiling water pour over the fruit. Cover with a lid and let it rest for a day. Then strain and sweeten to taste. Fill the pitcher. Great drink for hot summer days, quenches thirst.

A perfect cheesecake

1.5 kg of white

9 egg yolks
2 sugar vanilla
1.5 glass. plain sugar
1 glass.  oil
2.5 glass. milk
3 cream puddings
9 proteins (6 from cheese + 3 from the dough).

Grind the cheese. Cheese, add egg yolks, vanilla sugar, sugar, milk, oil, pour the pudding. All well mix. Add the egg whites still stirring.

3 egg yolks, 1 glass. flour, ½ cube margarine, 2 tablespoons sugar, 1 teaspoon baking powder. All together until light if it is too thick add a little milk.
On a form wysmarowaną butter and dusted with bread crumbs. Then, fold, insert into the hot oven. Bake 60 minutes. The finished cheesecake to cool and pour the icing.

Lemon frosting
200 g icing sugar until light with the juice of one lemon, add a teaspoon of rum or Strawberry oil. Frosting available.

Potato dumplings with onion and cheese


5 kg potatoes
½ kg of white
1 bulb
1 egg
A little salt
Fat on omastę, can be hemp oil

The execution of the
Potato Peel, 1 Cook and strangle, and the rest of the grate fine grater. Squeeze out in the bag tetrowym, mix it with stewed potatoes, poached egg and sole.
Then their beer Spa, dumplings and throw into boiling salted water. Cook until tender, extract durszlakiem to a bowl of a clay. Mix with the cheese add czyrku, which created the boiled dumplings. Omaścić sweet usmażoną onions in lard with hemp oil, which supposedly add men of might. Particularly in harvesters days, when men worked in the fields with the Crescent. Such dumplings add on a busy day and sleepless night.

Sour soup with mushrooms

Decoction: bones, MIREPOIX (carrots, parsley, lovage, celery spicy celery, parsley, garlic, onion), spices (pepper, Mage, wegeta, salt, allspice, bay leaf, marjoram), dried mushrooms, the sourdough Sour rye soup, sour cream.

With the above ingredients to boil broth. At the end of the season. On plates decorate with parsley or dill.

Sour rye soup usually consumed on Christmas Eve or on Easter Sunday. He was also a keen eaten after a day of hard work in the field at harvest. In addition to the żuru can also be cooked egg, homemade bread or boiled potatoes.

Homemade bread with lard and Greaves

Greaves topimy the previously chopped bacon. During melting, add root sliced in quarters to added to lard. At the end of the season with salt to taste and put into jars.

For the summer, an average of salted water, add a liter of milk curdled or buttermilk, flour, rye, yeast cube i.e.. 10 ounces and prepared a Sourdough with rye flour, water and salt. All these ingredients combine leaving 12 hours. to wykiszenia. Room temperature. If we grow up cisto flour rye and rub forcefully against so that wasn't up there with dispatch. Then set aside for a while to podrosło again. We put into a mold, and again a minute wait until the pile up. At that time, Preheat to the temp. 200 degrees c. Bake about 1 hour. For half an hour before removing from the oven, remove the bread and pour the cold water with the addition of oil, so that the cake is zeszkliło (has taken on a gloss). After baking bread with lightly butter or oil to the skin was gleaming and softened. Cover the bread linen cloth.


0.5 cubes margarine
4 eggs
2 glass. sugar
4 tablespoons cream
These ingredients mix

1 glass. milk
0.5 l honey
5.5 glass. flour
2 tsp baking soda
seasoning for gingerbread, goods grocery

To the usual rock workers add faster hot cooked honey and add 5.5 glass. flour, 2 teaspoons of baking soda, and spices to gingerbread. Boil 1 glass. milk and pour the boiling water into the cakes by adding nuts. All these components together in a mix. Bake three cakes. After baking, we translate mass or PC pancake at the end of the pour the icing.
Ingredients. topping: 3 tablespoons cocoa, 3 tablespoons cream 4 tablespoons granulated sugar, 1 tablespoon of butter or margarine.
Implementation: all the ingredients mix and topimy until the rise of smooth weight, still stirring. Do not boil!
Weight: 0.5 l of milk, 4 tablespoons semolina, 1 vanilla sugar everything to a boil. 1 margarine, 1 partial glass. granulated sugar.
By: boil the mass przestudzić by adding faster ucieranej margarine with powdered sugar and continue to mix until it's "plump".
Gingerbread usually eat on various occasions and especially for the holidays, birthdays, name day. Recommended is also on flea markets.