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o-gminie_img-01Gmina Sanok is a unique place on the map and Polish gem of the Podkarpacie region, which is the gateway to the Bieszczady Mountains.

A rural municipality is one of the 159 municipalities of the Podkarpackie province, lies on the banks of the rivers San, Sanoczek, Subcarpathian Voivodeship, Leech and Tyrawka. Its terrain is traversed by numerous streams and rivulets of jarami. Occur on the slates, silts, gravels of otoczakami containing przewarstwienia aluminum heavy duty. The terrain is diverse in terms of height. Municipalities are from 265 m above sea level. in the North to 530 m above sea level. in the South. The municipality is agricultural and is heavily forested, forests occupy more than 10 thousand. HA, or 36% of the size of the municipality.
In terms of area villages in Sanok is one of the largest in the District of Sanok. Due to the specific layout of the municipality around the town of Sanok, agricultural and forest complexes, can be divided into parts:
North-East: a heavily wooded valley ", within the boundaries of the Beskydy protected landscape Area East and partly within the boundaries of the Słonne Mountains landscape park.
Western-Southern: falling within the boundaries of the protected landscape Area and partly in the Beskydy mountains.
East: included in the boundaries of the Beskydy protected landscape Area of the East and the boundaries of the Słonne Mountains landscape park.

The latter is the most attractive areas for tourism: River bathing, hiking and biking trails, fishing, canoeing. In contrast, Lisznej and Falejówce are mineral water and sulphur, which allow the construction of spas.

The municipal area is created in 1996. the nature reserve "Clearing", with an area of 191.94 ha. It is located on the southern slopes of the Słonne mountains, in the village of Bykowce. You can find many species of butterflies, snails, amphibians and birds. There m.in. eagle owl, lesser spotted eagle, Black Stork, the long-eared owl, owl, Barn Owl, sparrowhawk. Among the rich fauna reserve worth mentioning even English Ivy, neottia nidus-Avis, Asplenium scolopendrium, Lily, equisetum telmateia, Daphne mezereum, site also yielded Mousterian tools, Blechnum spicant, parzydło, Orchid, neottia nidus-Avis, or equisetum telmateia. At the same time, on the border of the municipality of Sanok and Lesko is a forest reserve Mountain Sobień.

, A commune on the river San

Sanok, town in South-Eastern Poland, on the road from Birch, Looms, since 2002, and further in the Bieszczady Mountains. City of Sanok counted 43 thousand. residents and creates an independent unit of local government administration, headed by the Mayor. Gmina Sanok counts 17 906 inhabitants. The municipality consists of the villages of 32 Sanok rural Bykowce, Czerteż, Dębna, Dobra, Falejówka, Hłomcza, Jędruszkowce, Jurowce, Kostarowce, Lalin, Liszna, Łodzina, Markowce, Międzybrodzie, Niebieszczany [Ɲɛbjɛʂˈt ͡ʂanɨ] Pakoszówka, Pisarowce,, Mrzygłód, Płowce, Prusiek, Raczkowa, Sanoczek, Subcarpathian Voivodeship, Srogów Dolny, Srogów Górny, Strachocina, Stróże Małe, Stróże Wielkie, Trepcza, Tyrawa Solna, Wujskie, Zabłotce, Jarosław County, Create.