Municipal authority

Anna Noise-Mayor Of SanokMayor Of Sanok-Anna Hałas

Mayor exercise the powers of the supervisor’s work in relation to the staff of the Office, and municipal managers of organizational units, the Office shall with the help of Secretary and Treasurer of the municipality, the Mayor performs the resolution Municipal Council and the municipality of specified laws, Mayor directs the authority by issuing decrees and letters and commands work, the tasks of the Mayor shall in particular:

-preparing draft resolutions,
-management of the municipal property,
-implementation of the budget,
-hiring and releasing municipal managers of organizational units,
-directing the day-to-day running of the municipality, and to represent it on the outside,
-issuing decisions in individual cases from the scope of the public administration,
-submission declarations of will on behalf of the municipality in terms of the Board of Directors municipal property,
-publication of the resolutions of the Council of the municipality in this resolution and the report on the implementation of the budget and submit the resolutions of The Regional Audit Chamber of Commerce and
-submission at a session of the Municipal Council reports on the implementation of resolutions,
-representation of the municipality and its bodies in judicial and administrative, as well as before the Constitutional Court and Government authorities,
-authorisation to issue on behalf of the staff of the Office of administrative decisions in individual cases from the scope of the public administration,
-the performance of the tasks of the head of civil defense of the municipality,
-to organize rescue operations in case of natural disasters and catastrophic events,
-perform other tasks reserved to the competence of the Mayor’s law and the resolutions of the Council of the municipality.


Paul Wdowiak-Secretary Of The Municipality Of SanokThe Secretary Of The Municipality Of Sanok-Paweł Wdowiak

The tasks of the Secretary of the municipality:
-Replace the Mayor in terms of current affairs of the Office in his absence or any other cause the inability of the duties of the Mayor of the municipality,
-To ensure an efficient organization and functioning of the Office,
-Providing an efficient service of citizens by the Office,
-To supervise the compliance with the stipulated registry statement,
-The supervision of organization and discipline work,
-Cooperation with the extension units/sołectwami/and organizational units of the municipality,
-To ensure the publication of local law notices and any information public in the municipality,
-Coordination and organization of the elections and tables,
-Keeping records of complaints and applications submitted to the Office,
-Keeping records of external control in the Office
-The issue of any certificates and official credentials,
-Participation in the formulation of strategies to raise aid funds for Municipalities,
-To exercise direct supervision over the implementation of the tasks performed by the Office of Civil Affairs and administrative-exercise of the functions of the head of the Office,
-To exercise direct supervision over the implementation of the tasks performed by the Office of the aid funds-exercise of the functions of a Manager,
-Other activities of labour law to the Mayor in accordance with the law on employees.
-Perform other tasks on command or under the authority of the Mayor,
-The performance of the activities in the framework of activities in the field of representation separately granted authorization or power of attorney.

Tel. 13 46 56 570

Agnes Schellenberg, The Treasurer Of The Municipality Of SanokTreasurer Agnieszka Haduch

The task of the Treasurer of the municipality:

-supervision and control of the implementation of the budget of the municipality,
-kontrasygnowanie legal acts which may give rise to financial commitments,
-coordinating the development of the budget,
-coordinating the development of the budgetary reporting,
-the performance of the obligations provided for by law in accounting,
-organizing and controlling the correct circulation of financial documentation necessary accounting,
-to exercise direct supervision over the implementation of the tasks performed by the Office of financial
-reviewing the decision causing the financial implications for the budget,
-control of the financial management of the organizational units and villages,
-the development of analyses and reports on the financial situation of the municipalities and submit your proposals Wójtowi and the Council of the municipality,
-perform other tasks provided for by the law and tasks arising from commands, or authorizations Reeve of the municipality.

Tel. + 48 13 46 56 556

The Municipal Council

Sanok Municipal Council in local elections November 16, 2014:

1. Tadeusz Burka-Chairman
2. Rafał Cecula
3. Jacek Czech
4. Stanislaw Dogwood
5. Jan Dzierżawski
6. Jan Jakima
7. Bogusław Kaczmarska
8. William Kotlarz
9. Jolanta Krowiak
10. Stanislaw Mika
11. Zbigniew Morawski
12. Agnes Miller
13. Tadeusz Wojtas
14. Andrzej Wolanin
15. Roman Zapotoczny

The properties of the Municipal Council consist of all the outstanding issues in the field of action of the municipality, unless the law provides otherwise. The exclusive property of the Municipal Council:

-adoption of the Statute of the municipality,
-wage-Mayor, regulation of directions its activities and reports on its activities,
-appointment and revocation of the Treasurer of the municipality, which is the main accountant of the budget and the Secretary of the municipality-at the request of the Mayor,
-adoption of the budget of the municipality, the examination of the report on the implementation of the budget and make resolutions on the granting or not of discharge,
-adoption of local land-use plans,
-to adopt economic programmes,
-adoption of the scope of the auxiliary units, the principles of transmission of the components of the property to use and the rules for the transfer of budgetary resources for the implementation of the tasks of these units,
-adoption of resolutions in matters of taxes and charges within the limits specified in separate laws,
-adoption of resolutions in matters of the municipality, in excess of the normal range of the Board concerning:

-the determination of the rules of acquisition, transfer and loads of land and lease or tenancy for a period longer than three years unless a specific Act does not provide otherwise, to time determine Mayor may make these steps only with the consent of the municipality,
-issuing of bonds and specify rules for their disposal, acquisition and redemption by the Mayor,
-borrowing long-term loans and short-term borrowing by the Mayor during the financial year,
-obligations regarding making investment and overhaul in excess of the limit fixed annually by the Council of the municipality,
-the creation of and adherence to the companies and cooperatives, and resolve and with them,
-specify the lodging, reversing the disposal of shares and shares by the Mayor,
-the creation, liquidation and reorganization of enterprises, establishments and other communal organizational units and equip them in such property,
-for determining the maximum amount of loans and guarantees granted by the Mayor during the financial year,

-determination of the amount to which the Mayor can enter into commitments,
-adoption of resolutions on the adoption of the tasks referred to in article 1. 8 paragraph 1. 2 and 2a of the Act with the syntax of 8 March 1990. municipal self-government (journal. In 2001. # 142. 1591, codification)
-adoption of resolutions in matters of interoperability with other municipalities and the secretion of the relevant assets,
-adoption of resolutions in matters of cooperation with local and regional communities of other countries and join international associations of local communities and regional,
-adopt resolutions on: the coat of arms of the municipality, the names of streets and public squares and monuments, transfers
-granting of honorary citizenship to the municipality,
-adoption of resolutions on the principles for the award of scholarships for students and scholarships
-Regulation in other cases proprietary laws within the competence of the Municipal Council. The Municipal Council controls the activities of the Mayor, the municipal organizational units and auxiliary units of the municipality, appoints to review.