Didactic path-photography "CLEARING"

polanki1 reserveDidactic path-photography "CLEARING" is located in the South-western part of the reserve "Clearing" on the Forestry land Brzozów and within the limits of the Słonne Mountains landscape park. The reserve protects the natural forest community of the Carpathian beech forest. Species of lasotwórczymi are: beech and FIR with significant size. Significant value natural reserve are frequently occurring plants to protect. The reserve also protects the specimens of inanimate nature-built with sandstone rocks of which it highlights-Zdrój: "large stone" in the shape of towers and "small stone" in the shape of the wall. In a place called "Ripne" was mine oil definitely exists already at the end of the 19th century.
On the route of the path were deployed 10 landing plates describing the main natural values. More details are contained in a field guide, which can be purchased at the headquarters of the Board of Directors, in the forest district Brzozów, forestry Bykowce and headquarters of the LOP in Sanok.
Direction on a path point arrows and white squares with a red diagonal stripe painted on the trees. The path has ok. 2 km long, and the most favourable to the knowledge of any natural values of the path is spring.