Nature trail "Herringbone"

The path is located in the village of Siemuszowa. It runs through the area forestry Will Krecowska, within the limits of the Słonne Mountains landscape park. Along the route are 11 educational boards containing basic information about the species of plants, birds, landscape beauty and characteristics of the trees that we meet on the road. With tourism, such as bridges, stairs or handrails without a problem to overcome the pipes or more difficult transitions. Walking the path of rest we can at four stops:

THOSE AREA, in the spring the most beautiful-looking corner of the forest, lush and beautifully meandrującym pipe,

The NATURAL RENEWAL of FIR FORESTS offer an unforgettable view of the young forest and left to natural death nasiennik FIR,

Winged BIRDS the inhabitants of the forest, sitting on the bench for hours we can listen to their singing, therefore, offers scenic views of the Valley, stand beech-fir

A VANTAGE POINT offering a view of the village Siemuszową, situated on the route of wooden architecture and near the Icons in the Valley of the San.

Each time we can sit back and relax, because there is missing here, benches and tables.