The Trail Nadsańskich Fortifications "Molotov Line"

! hiking trails-mapy_strona_08_obraz_0003Runs along the Sanu, from Bóbrki near Soliny, Lesko and Sanok, Dynów, Bach to Krasiczyna. Presents the Soviet and German art monuments fortification during World War II, in the southern part. 339 Area Enhanced "Molotov Line" and the German border fortifications. The End Position "Galicia". Objects created in 1940-41, along the boundary line, formed after the split of the second Polish Republic by the Soviet and German armies. On the trail you can see the objects of varying behavior of IE. much destroyed and preserved in its entirety.

Most of the route runs routes bitumen, mainly poorly during, part dirt roads and żwirówkami. The trail is marked with black, with tiles, with a distinctive pictogram in red, showing the shelter and standing in front of him. The characters dojściowych are given contact details for GPS objects.
Part of the trail, Tyrawa Solna Bach, includes strengthening the field 72 Mountain Division. These are the strengthening of reinforced concrete and stone and concrete, we'll meet here also remains of fortifications of the amphibian.
Bieszczady section the Russians managed to rise 71, shelters, 2 in Bibrka, 2 in Myczkowce, 7 in Lesko, 5 in the will of Postołowej, 15 in Załużu, 13 Olchowach, 3 Good and 2 in Uluczu. This probably is not the final number.
Much is called. bunkers field, jednoizbowych. In addition, Lesko, Załużu and Olchowcach are complexes consisting of several bunkers. points of resistance. There are three types of bunkers: kaponiery-leading fire on two pages, półkaponiery-shooting in one page and bunkers to fire. We also have command bunkers, which were equipped with two periscopes. They control the whole valley. One such is certainly in Lesko, the other probably in Sanok.
Bunkers so lokalizowano in the field, to another block on the outskirts of cross-fire, and one of them is located above can support fire two bunkers located below or beside.

! hiking trails-mapy_strona_08_obraz_0004The shelters. "Molotov Line" in Zalużu
The military history lovers will certainly not be disappointed, because waiting for full yet secret shelters. "Molotov Line in Załużu. It is the Create-because of its strategic position at the junction of the main road routes and being the first station of the Soviet side, was the site of the location of the point of resistance.
It consisted of 17 shelters, that are part of the so-called. "Molotov Line." Shelters in most blown up, but some of them are still in a fairly good state of preservation, and one of them (the dow. KPT. Rikadze) is from 1969, a monument and Tomb of blown out there.

How to get there?
The southern part of the line is best explored came into being on the route of Molotov bike trail "in the footsteps of nadsańskich defenses"
The trail has ok. 150 km-from Bóbrki near Soliny to Przemyśl along San. The beginning of the trail is located in a green, at the firewall. There are numerous car parks. To defer to individual objects are GPS.