The Trail Of The Good Soldier Švejk

! hiking trails-mapy_strona_04_obraz_0003The trail "in the footsteps of the brave Soldier Švejk" is part of the international Route Švejk, which has run from the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland to Ukraine. It is an attempt to recreate the route you traveled through the hero book Jaroslav Hašek.
The trail is accessible to hikers, cyclists and car.
The route includes information boards with the schema trail run, information about details of residence in a given place Švejk and connection with history of Galicia, Austro-Hungarian Empire times. Are signs of najsławniejszymi cited by Švejk (texts on the website of the Bieszczady Society Cyclists). The project "in the footsteps of Švejk" enriches the previously implemented in the Bieszczady Mountains natural heritage trails projects cultural "Green bike-Greenway-Bieszczady Mountains", "Extreme Bieszczady Mountains", "icons" Trail and tourist offer of the region and is directed to tourists who prefer an active tourism, as well as lovers of Jaroslav Hašek.

Information boards are located in:

Sanok-bank, cemetery, school, bench on the Boardwalk, the railway station, the Alley of the Administratively
Old Łupkowie
Wallachian Tyrawie

! hiking trails-mapy_strona_04_obraz_0002The trail is marked with yellow and black (colours of the Habsburgs). Length of pedestrian in Polish, is approximately 200 km cycling route from Slovakia to Ukraine, the count will be about 180 km along the route of the liaison between Jureczkową and Przemyśl, and Medyką on the Polish border. A total of ok. 400 km. The proposed walking trail does not run exactly as he wandered the Interior. The section from the pass All to Sanok had on the train, so the trail led was the picturesque surroundings of the Valley Osława and Osławnicy.

Walking trail is the mountains, along the route dressed Švejk and the city of Sanok and Przemyśl, showing places with character and period.
The proposed route: border crossing Radoszyce-Palota (Polish-Slovak), Old Slate, Komańcza, mountain Stone, mountain Rzepedka, Szczawne, mountain Guns-–, mountain Stróżowskie lazy, Sanok, Mountain Eagle Stone, mountain Słonny Wierch, Tyrawa Wołoska, Zawadka, mountain Chwaniów, Liskowate, Krościenko (border crossing) shortcut to Przemyśl and next to the Medyka border crossing.

Meanwhile, the bike trail follows roads, virtually in its entirety the alleged route running and marching "11 companions marszbatalionu N 99 pp" from České Budějovice.
Runs on the route: border crossing Radoszyce-Palota (Polish-Slovak), Slate, Komańcza, Szczawne, Zagórz, Sanok, Tyrawa Wołoska, Liskowate, Krościenko crossing Krościenko (Polish-Ukrainian) shortcut to Przemyśl by Arłamów and Przemyśl. The initiative also undertook the Slovaks and Ukrainians, who began to work also on their side.

The highlight of the trail is the statue of "the good Soldier Švejk" on May 3 in Sanok. To sitting on the bench in the Sanok County pedestrian street you can do and sit Švejk commemorative photo. However, in the near restaurant "U Szwejka", you can taste the same food that zajadał Hero (Czech cuisine knedliczki!).