Waterway "Blue San"

KayaksThe trail runs from the Zwierzynia (Gmina Olszanica) by Lesko, Sanok, Przemyśl, Dynów, Salt Tyrawę, Jarosław, Ulanów, to the mouth of the River to the Vistula River.

San is one of the most beautiful rivers in Poland. Has 457.8 km long, its drainage basin is 16.9 thousand. km2. From its source, to the outlet of the Carpathians in Przemyśl, winds in the mountains and foothills, where picturesque gorges, often deeply wcinając in the background fliszowe.
Section of the river between Zwierzyniem by Sanok, Tyrawę Salt (Marina by O.W. Diabla Góra) and Przemyśl, with a length of 158 km is ideal for canoeing expeditions, and the best months to his defeat fall on April, may and June (kayaks available in O.W. Diabla Góra) From Przemyśl to the mouth of the river San is no longer the nature of the low-lying, liquid mild curves for a distance of 173 km is available for different Amazon craft with little draught.

Specific sections of the tourist trail:

the top section edge San from the mouth of the Creek Negrylów to Procisnego
mandatory section Mountain Canoe Badge PTTK from Procisnego to Paradise
waterway Central San with Zwierzynia by Tyrawę Salt to Przemyśl
waterway lower Sanu from Przemyśl to the estuary of the Vistula River

A great way to explore the route of the "blue San" is … Kayak. Rafting down the tub we recommend to all those who love nature, beautiful views, and like to feel the thrill.

All information on canoeing in Sanok, see: http://www.kajakisanok.qpr.pl