Wooden Architecture Route

czertez3One of the biggest projects marking trails in Poland, which included three provinces: Lesser Poland, subcarpathian voivodeship and śląskie.
Wooden architecture trail has entirely 3037 km, of which 9 routes with a total length of 1202 km runs through the area of the Podkarpackie. Your coverage in all provinces together includes 448 properties, with 127 properties is located in the Podkarpackie.

Two of them: the Church of Haczów, dating from the 15th century. the oldest wooden church in Poland and at the same time the largest wooden church in the Gothic style in the world, and in the wooden church Bliznem by Stephanie Ellis from the 16th century. with polychrome representing the unique. Bible plebejską have been entered on the list of world cultural and natural heritage of UNESCO.

czertez2Each of the routes of the Podkarpackie province section of the route of wooden architecture is unique, each in its own way beautiful and one-of-a-kind, because, after all, a odsłaniająca variety of architecture in different parts of the province, inhabited by different national minorities, ethnic groups and ethnography. The precious objects, among which important place occupy churches and churches, but also the teams building small-town or spa museums and open-air museums in kolbuszowa and Sanok, survivor of the pogrom of human barbarity and devastating action of time. Are still visible witnesses of centuries-old history of this corner of the Republic, in which in a multicultural melting pot of everyday life make up the earthly life of many generations. They are also our pride and business card, which gives hope that help them for those who come after us.