The Legend "MRZYGŁÓD"

It lies in the Valley – the village greatly,
just fifteen minutes from the city of Sanok.
Today called Mrzygłodem, and formerly the Royal Tyrawą,
in which, thanks to the crafts people to live comfortably.
Residents of tilled, pots lepili with clay
and in the blissful peace for many years to live.

But all good things is a fast pass away;
It's a rainy year and an extensive Valley
flooded water – deep, turbid, immense,
She took all the possessions, silted meadows and fields.
And in the once-rich, among the mountains
prevail: poverty, disease, suffering, hunger.

Paltry would be the village, if not for the idea of Jogaila's wife,
that, along with spouse wanted to explore these pages.
And that the road was muddy and full of potholes,
wheel broke in getting paid with quads, forcing the cortege to a standstill.
She was the Queen in the middle of the town destroyed,
wringing hands, so-called "conjoint over the fate of the people strapionego.

And if you want to see inside chat under the thatch,
She took the gold your own mug and the like under the mask of enjoyment
She proceeded to walk around the home, wanting to buy cream,
but everywhere she saw only misery and people ravenous.

For some ineffective approach to home
She stood in the doorway and said, "you can die of starvation".
He assailed Denmark these words, she left those poor hand,
leaving a handful of gems and your own mug.
To commemorate the visit of Queen Jadwiga dobrotliwej
the town in accordance with the Court of Mrzygłodem is named after him.

Today the former City no longer has city rights,
for a dime is in the charms of rural areas:
a breath of mountain air, flowers in every garden
and goose the market in the Centre of the village, where on a pedestal
stands proudly Jogaila, the rights of the people guarding
prior to the construction of a dam spills water faithfully defending.

But you have to remember the inhabitants of today's
that Satan is lurking here years ago,
that seeing people of this earth loving and noble,
decided to embroil him, and at the same time to take revenge.

Time some could hear loud moans and cries,
but soon everything became quiet, and this site was established
a huge mountain, which in accordance with the history of the order
It is called Devil Mountain, which sees the village from flooding.

Today, vain are zakusy the dam builders,
to pour Mrzygłód water and with anyone not count.
Keep, the chieftains, in mind up that and her duty,
because it offers care above the village and ensures its future.