A lot of legends circulating about the castle on Sobieniu,
and most of them associated with Jogaila.
This, which I will tell, also left about it,
because the thing was going on when he ruled the country.

The first of may a thousand four hundred seventeenth year
King Jogaila came on the market in Sanok.
He arrived not alone, but with a large retinue,
As previously informed the nobility surrounding.

The King also was accompanied by Elizabeth Gronowska,
you love scandals she knew the whole Poland.
Kidnapped as a young man twice, and three married,
for the fourth time-Jagiello wanted to be his wife.

And that the King feared what grains,
so everything has prepared in great secrecy.
And the other may in the year one thousand, four hundred and seventeenth
We both stood in Sanok on the main altar.
When Elizabeth stepped proudly into the Church,
he approached to the Kmita, asking that on Sobień arrived.

The spouses after a feast at the castle of Sanok
drove up to a high mountain paradnie in Leskiem,
that was rising up a beautifully situated Castle,
and it ruled Kmita, together with the people of uniżonym.

Feasting the end wasn't balom and swawolom,
and always in the first couple walked the King with the Queen.
One only thing Jogaila did not foresee,
that due to the continuous rain, not kills a bear.

Yet to probably long time, advises night romp,
If, you do not need to have been to Krakow to come back.
The inhabitants of żegnali Podhradie Kinglets two while enjoying their luxury,-drawn coaches and the military parade outfits.

People who wylegli on the way to see the Royal pair,
and arrived nearly the entire Sanok and Lesko,
disappointment is not hiding, loud psioczyli,
because the newlyweds coming, for curtains carriage to Detroit: Gale research.

And though im not data was seen the Royal pair,
and so through the years many proud were without measure,
asking each on the road, whether heard
like a King with his wife in hospitality to Kmita has arrived.