The legend of the "cross"

Somewhere near Srogowa.

When wandering Tartar raids by Earth sanocką, the population of the srogowska escaped to the forest. In a hurry took all what more valuable things, and especially gold cross with the local church. Once people in a hurry and confusion of this cross somewhere along the way you have lost. Grief was tremendous, but i hope that you can while in the hands of the invaders not got …

It's been years. Some say that a few others, that a few dozen. Once a certain old Jasko Earth your pod lasem, oral. Suddenly, the ARD plough pin on shaft about something and still go did not want. Although oxen were powerful and were even quite a bit, because this is just the beginning of Orcs was, in no way could not overcome resistance. Anger began to embrace the host, but what it was doing. He pulled the plow from the ground, looks, and between furrows Earth cross shiny sticking out. Took it with fear, he watched, and he glowed as if they had just made and buffed.

Ploughman carried the cross to the village. The elders sat down, podumała and fell the verdict. In the place of finding of the cross Chapel we build! And so it was done, and in it are found. Over time, on the site of the chapel Church was formed, and the cross took place on the altar.

Probably would reside there to this day, if not for the złodziejaszkowie. One night, the door to the Church broke open, cross and other valuables stolen, and fleeing, responsible for the przewrócili and holy water the entire spill. However, the news of their deed she spread quickly and no one wanted to buy them these items. Finally buried them somewhere in the forest. Themselves on anything not benefited, but they gave her bad deed to show off Biesom Bieszczady. As soon as the holy water has soaked into the ground, these came flocking to in large numbers under Church robbed of all sacred symbols and party čertova began. Howl, fire buchali, people in the nearby village of scared cattle chase away, crops destroyed. Because of the long time folks, get with the Srogowa. Deserted village, huts have collapsed, leveled to the ground. Then the possessed also are gone, because and haunt was not whom.

After years in this place appeared new settlers. They started to build the cottage, barn, barns. Local news was carrying the legend of Devils, that can return. Afraid of the settlers their severity, but somehow lived, taking care of each other. These concerns, however, remain in the name of the village Srogów.