The legend of the "Devils upuściły"

Diabla Góra grows like unnaturally, opposite Mrzygłodu, but on the other side of the San. It's like lost here, leaving soul mates slopes and peaks. Legend has it that the devil brought it there.

Long, long ago, in the place where today is górzysko, it was a town. Stacked almost halfway between Tyrawa Salt and Wallachian Tyrawą. Zwało and Tyrawa.

Tyrawa Royal lay in a nearby salt mine. To this and after salt came the merchants from getting further, with more and more distant countries. Buy salt and were selling their goods. Trade well served tyrawianom. They have enriched so that you can easily put stylish, brick with stone church, and in the market a brick Town Hall. The city and the entire received defensive walls. Living there, people getting better prospered, but they were richer, less often to the church coming. It started happening, that the masses only after several residents appear.

Did not help strike a priest or incoming missionaries. And more and more the Devils would rejoice.

During one Christmas, no one in the Church. Priest vicar rozsierdzony swore the szpetnie: and let it in hell to devour!

Such challenge heard diabliki! Caught up with one of the mountains, distant about dozens of kilometres away, it pulled out from the ground, rise into the air and quit with a chuckle on the town! Top covered everything, pushing the walls, buildings, people up in the depths of hell.

Old people say that from the village of Dobra is the entrance to the interior mountains. It leads to the tunnel, and the collapsed houses, full of treasures tyrawian. But still no one dared follow the black corridor in the long jump.