The legend of the "Smoke and pillage"

Bad luck had a terrible humniski mansion in mid-17th century. Assaulted and robbed was twice. Once attacked the local Goons. Three years later, it stripped the local peasants.

The year was 1645. Spring has passed, even at night, the days have been long and short nights. One day, after dark, under the court approached a large group of Beskidników. Przelękły not their high walls and plinths, or strong, wooden gate. Part of the bandits attack started from the dumplings, on the back of the Court. There's also coincided with the entire crew to repel the attackers. Then, a small group of bandits silently invaded under a fortified gateway. Finished with her dried grass, straw, firewood, more and thicker branches, insisted on a few handsome, dry pniaczkach. At the end of all this set fire to and czmychnęli to the nearby forest.

Did not have to wait long for the results. From the grass and straw lit the wood, then pniaczki and dried by the Sun. The fire was so great and the smoke so choking, that it was impossible to keep up with the extinguishing of the fire. Smoke based the whole Court, and by the dopalającej hole to the gate came up with the courtyard of the bandits. Most of the defenders of the trolls, and hard plane, defending to put an end to the forces of Stanisław Nicholas Kozlowski, czesnik people, the Lord in Humniskach. Among the few survivors came and Anna Kozłowska, Come with mother czesnik.

Soon, however, enjoyed the health. Robbers caught up with her, zdarli her robes and living fire Grill began, until she confessed, with numerous storage compartments with treasures. And we do not believe that indicated all the Hideout and piekli it. At the end of the get together for wine cellars and wine cellars, taking on the battlefield the thuggish feast. Banished their finally relief when, to help his neighborhood. The latter managed to force Kozłowskiemu and his mother, after all, long treated then be had to.

It has been three years in the Republic of the Cossacks stormed. Time of anxiety began to use the peasants, commonplace against their masters. Similarly it became and wisłok, and the first one of these concerns went here in Humniskach. Was again plundered and completely destroyed. Stanislaw and Anna stayed in Niebocku and since then to the mansion in Humniskach no longer returned.