The legend of the "Survivor Bell"

Over the centuries the river San oplatająca up Horodyszcze were carved out of its banks of mysterious Bell. Found it a young virgin, at the heart of a pure and innocent, piorąca laundry in the river. In astonishment it opened eyes, because I believe it could not, but touched the Bell shyly finger and he disappeared. She ran fast to your village, lying between two beards River, advised the people. Not wanting to believe the stories the villagers – later named Międzybrodziem, they went over the edge, look at the Bell.

They saw it, people started wondering where it came from. And it was shiny like new. Only the old Bieszczadnicy, remembering told them once by grandparents by outbreaks and furnaces the parable of the zapadniętej Orthodox Church, began to associate the Bell with this story. The strongest peasants they caught him and going slowly, because the weight carried a huge Bell, they moved to the middle of the village. There, where she had formed their new temple. And left it overnight.

Imagine their surprise when the morning bell was not. Too heavy, someone stole it. There has been debate, where is the? Went forth to people, they began to look for. The boys found it on the banks of the River, at the cliff. Again the strongest they moved it to the village. There they have left. But at night the Bell carried a magical force, silent pobrzękując, again moved on the river cliff, on the breakthrough of Sanu. In the morning the inhabitants of it from there took to the village, but he at night again returned to the desired place. So move three times and three times the homework with him to the center of the Międzybrodzia.

Finally, the oldest people decided that temple need to build where it wants to Bell. First was the Bell Tower, suspended on her heavy Wanderer. It survived the night, moving anywhere. Then another and another, the days passed, weeks, a Bell hung in its place.

The Church was built. Bell zwoływano people to the masses. Called also, when from behind the witch mountain wysnuwały black, heavy clouds, carrying hail and torrential rain. But that's a different story.