The legend of "the Temple of the mountain"

First up, what with the Trepczą to ascend upwards, Horodyszcze. Clearly visible is the nearby village of Żywiec, which was on the left side of the Sanu. Covered with forest, liściastym, once their settlement existing here between X and XIII centuries. While in the memory of the oldest people is a legend, passed down from generation to generation for centuries. About the Orthodox Church, which plunged into the abyss of the top together with the people, when the curse has thrown the evil woman.

She is going to Sunday mass, with the obligation and shame before neighbours, and not from the human needs of the conversations with God cursing all those who this church on the Haradzishcha built.

As złorzecząc approached the temple. When she entered the Church, slammed behind her suddenly gates, and on the outside of the sky poczarniało, cut has been lightning. Wind huge to rozwył, around began to lightning strike with incredible power. Lunął the Devil's rain, looking like a huge lump of water falling only on the top. The Church began to shake and together with people obsuwać into the rozmokłej of the Earth. There was no longer anyone to help. The Interior of the Church rozdzierały the screams of despair, and mount more and more falling in its depths of the Orthodox Church, dusting her proven mud and stones.

When the top completely covered the temple, suddenly the storm died down, the wind stopped, the clouds pierzchły and popped up a burning sun that quickly osuszyło top of Haradzishcha. At the site after the temple was left only a small recess.

For some time people appearing in the vicinity of the mountain heard dobywające if its the Interior of the lamentations, screaming, crying. But suddenly everything became quiet. If no one believed in the possibility of saving and every spirit of people buried alive gave it up, while reconciling with his fate.

Survivors inhabitants. Those who did not have time to come to the Church before the złorzeczącą woman, and survivors of the pogrom, left this place. Grodzisko became derelict. Over the years this site has blossomed into the forest, covering the roots and crowns of trees basin after the Church.