Why invest in Sanok County

for-przedsiębiorczychstrona1obraz0006Gmina Sanok is a unique place, inter alia, due to its location. The proximity to the Mountains, Ukraine and Slovakia creates a lot of opportunities in the conduct of investment projects. The European economy is open to Poland, and Poland is starting to appreciate the potential and opportunities in Eastern Europe.

We constantly modernize and develop our road infrastructure. We are proud that the Strachocinie was the largest and most modern underground storage of natural gas in Europe.

for-przedsiębiorczychstrona1obraz0005In the municipality of Sanok are numerous investment, leisure centres, sports, agricultural holdings and stays-places where you can relax in comfort. We do our best to develop our tourist and sports-we have one of the first artificial skating rinks "White Aquilegia" in Poland.

Sanok County live people enthusiastic, willing to work, open and hospitable. Well as hands to work in our area certainly will not miss!